Earn more with Century Custom Builders

Century Custom Builders has always valued the relationships we've developed with our realtor partners and we welcome your participation in the sale of our homes. Our mission is to make the buying and building of a custom home rewarding and easy for both you and your clients. Simply introduce yourself and your client to one of our designers. We can take care of the rest.

Why should you and your client choose Century Custom Builders as your preferred custom home builder? Award-winning design, quality, and style, just to name a few. Learn more about our process.

What will the custom home building experience be like with Century? Exceptional attention to design, personalization, and customer service, even after closing.

Century's Broker Protection Program

In recognition of your help with a sale, Century Custom Builders has developed a program to protect your commission and to eliminate any misunderstandings. If you register your clients with us during your initial visit, we'll protect your commission (up to 3%) for 60 days and pay upon transfer of title. This applies to homes built-to-order as well as move-in ready homes.

Requirements to Qualify

Visit Century Custom Builders' office in Mishawaka in-person with your client and speak with our designers who will get your client registered and ask you to complete a broker protection agreement. So don't wait! Start selling Century homes and earn more today.